BLM: Week 1 of 4 Raffle Fundraiser - Police Brutality

June 15, 2020

Frankie's BLM Initiative

A pillar of our organization is a responsibility to the environment. We believe that it is every person's duty to be conscious of their impact on the planet. In light of the extremely moving protests that have occurred around the World, we have realized that our impact as individuals and as an organization needs to go beyond environmental change. We have to try to improve the lives and communities of those that have allowed us to be the brand we are today. We have spent the last few weeks discussing the best way for us to help in the short and long term. 

Short Term:

We have identified 4 actions for change: The Police System, The Prison complex, Law Reform, and Voting. Over the next four weeks, we will be launching fundraising campaigns for charities pushing for these reforms. Along with these fundraisers, we will be providing resources on the topics we are trying to help change. 

Long Term:

We are aware that the problems facing our society won’t be repaired within 4 weeks. Which is why we are also committing to monthly charitable donations. The charities we will be contributing to will change month-to-month and will vary from local to international causes. If there is a cause that you believe in, do not hesitate to share. We are always trying to grow and learn from the people around us.

This week we will be holding a raffle with the proceeds going to Campaign Zero. This foundation provides a comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions, informed by data, research, and human rights principles, to change the way police serve the public. 

They have created 10 policy solutions based on recommendations from the community, research groups, and the President’s Task Force on Policing in the 21st century (created by Barack Obama). These 10 solutions are:

  1. Ending policing of minor “Broken Window Policing” crimes, racial profiling and the “stop-and-frisk” policy
  2. Establish effective civilian oversight structures and removing barriers to reporting police misconduct 
  3. Limit Use of Force
  4. The creation of an independent investigation team separate from the police force
  5. An increase in community representation within the Police Departments
  6. Mandatory body cameras for all police officers
  7. Rigorous and sustained training for police recruits
  8. Ending For-Profit policing
  9. The Demilitarization of the police
  10. Fair policing contracts

Click here for more information on how each solution can be achieved 



Enter the raffle below for the following sizes: XS, S, M, L. Tickets are $5.00. Each ticket counts as an entry and there is no limit on how many you can buy. The prizes packs will have one winner for every size. The prize pack will contain:

  • Unreleased Adidas Bustier ($80 value)
  • Unreleased Adidas Mask ($40)
  • New Adidas Poolside Set ($80)
  • Handbag ($82)
  • Rework Sweatpant ($120)
  • $100 Giftcard

Total value: $500


The contest begins on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, and will end Friday, June 19, 2020. The 4 winners will be contacted via email on Friday, June 19, 2020. 



Head to The ACLU for a Community Action Manual on Fighting Police Abuse.


We have also included a podcast by the Wall Street Journal in which they speak with the Police Chief of Camden, New Jersey. Camden is one of the first places to defund its police force. The podcast outlines the progress made from these changes.

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