Sustainable Practises

Our foundation is built on environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

Sustainable Practices


Our design process centers salvaging vintage garments that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Many brands throw scraps into the garbage but we pay to have ours removed and recycled by Fabcycle–allowing us to recycle 100% of our waste.


Our team

We employ a skilled team of designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses that are paid a living wage to design, create, and rework daily.  At Frankie, we prioritize hiring individuals with intersectional identities. Currently, over three quarters of our team are women, and half are BIPOC individuals.

Local manufacturing

All of our production is kept local in Vancouver, Canada.


Our mailer is 100% compostable and made from plant based materials.

After planting the mailer in soil it will decompose over a period of 90 days into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter.

Community Growth

Through our partnership with BEAM, we direct 1% of all our sales to funding nonprofits that deliver services to support and empower women, that work to undo damages done to the environment, and that invest in racial equity and youth leadership.

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